IntoNow from Yahoo! for iPad

IntoNow from Yahoo! for iPad

The IntoNow iPad experience makes watching TV more engaging, social, and fun with the touch of a button. IntoNow identifies what people are watching, whether…
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7 Responses to IntoNow from Yahoo! for iPad

  1. Nick Teperman says:

    Could you please make a sound disabling option!?

  2. FoggedTears says:

    So far works great!

  3. kart800 says:

    Awesome app for interacting with tv

  4. Caprican28 says:

    He said it is for Android, I even have it on my Android phone. Blame these other companies making hardware for Android for having so many devices with inconsistent specs not Yahoo or Apple.

  5. DNBJerk says:

    This is my favorite app, EVER!

  6. CoconutBuyer says:

    doo doo

  7. Peter Reginald says:

    I’m surprised that Google had not released this first.

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