Intro to Neural Networks

My final project for my Intro to Artificial Intelligence class was to describe as best as I can one concept from Artificial Intelligence. I chose Neural Networks because they are one of the better known AI concepts, but are still very poorly understood by most people. Leave me a comment if you like, or email me a question directly at Thanks. For the middle school students reviewing these projects, the survey link is:

23 thoughts on “Intro to Neural Networks

  1. Short and extremely helpful. I tried to follow the course on Coursera by Prof. Hinton. I think your presentation surely helps to face the more mathematical treatment in his course.

  2. I’ve just been studying a paper on a model that achieves object recognition given a line drawing of an image as input. This fashion of implementing cognitive processes in artificial neural networks really fascinated me. What are the best options of processing units for implementing networks like this?? I was thinking that perhaps an FPGA could be useful because of the opportunity for creating million-bit wide buses for massive parallel processing, what do people usually do??

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