Intro to Website Design and Marketing Class

Intro to Website Design and Marketing Class
Event on 2013-05-15 09:00:00
This class is geared toward those in the Screen Printing industry, but will be beneficial and is open to anyone wishing to learn.

In today's digital age, your web presence is the most vital marketing tool your business has. Simply put, if you aren't taking advantage of web marketing, your competitors are, and they will benefit while you are left behind.

This special class is a 1-day course in how your business will benefit from proper web design and marketing. The class is specifically designed for those who have no experience in web design or marketing to those with intermediate experience. The class will cover several important aspects of how a website can work for your business, including design and implementation, how to sell your products or services online, how important is social media, and finally proper marketing techniques so that you will be found in search engines (very important in today's competitive environment). This will be a very in-depth class many details to help you market your business better and see your revenues increase. Do not miss this special class offered as part of our pre-open house class schedule.

Instructor Allen Wesson is a 15+ year veteran of web design / marketing / multimedia who has done work for such national companies as Taxi, Inc., Vita Vibe, Soundbridge, and YMCA, as well as numerous local clients throughout the Carolinas. Relatively new to Texsource, he has been tasked with completely rebuilding the Texsource website which should be launching in the coming weeks, as well as overseeing a retooled national marketing campaign for the site.

Basic Website Design and Marketing Class Outline

I – Getting Started
1 – Choosing Domain Name and Registration
A – Domain Name Extensions
B – Locking and Security Issues
C – Costs
2 – Hosting
A – Storage Space and Bandwidth
B – Windows or Linux Hosting
C – Costs

II – Basics of Website Design
1 – How Browsers See Your Site (Different Browsers To Test With)
2 – Choosing A Design Program (Templates Can Be Discussed)
A – Starting From Scratch with Basic Site (No Ecommerce)
B – Using an Ecommerce Platform (Hosted and Non-Hosted)
3 – Starting Your Design (Basics of Design)
A – Navigation
B – Graphics
C – Multimedia (Video, YouTube Integration, Etc)
4 – Uploading and Viewing Your Design
A – Using Your Design Program
B – Using FTP (What is FTP?)
5 – More Advanced Techniques
A – Basic Java Functions
B – Do I Need to Learn any Programming like Java or HTML?
C – Embedding and Linking

III – Ecommerce On Your Site
1 – What Is Ecommerce (Selling Products On Your Site)
2 – Your Ecommerce Options
A – Dedicated Ecommerce Platforms (Hosted & Open Source)
B – Commission and Fee-Based Stores (Yahoo Shopping, PayPal Etc.)
3 – Requirements of an EcommerceStore
A – Merchant Account (Accept Credit Cards, PayPal, etc.)
B – Payment Gateway (, etc.)
C – SSL Certificate (What is SSL?)
4 – Costs of an Ecommerce Store
A – One-TimeFees
B – Recurring Fees

IV – Marketing Your Site
1 – Social Media Sites
A – Facebook –Is it such a big deal for my business?
B – Mail Campaigns – Keeping your customers from becoming their customers
C – Blogs –Increasing your visibility on the web
D – Video Marketing
E – The Next Big Thing

2 – Google Adwords
A – Basic Overview – Understanding PPC (Pay=Per-Click) Advertising
B – Should I use PPC for my business?
C – Understanding PPC Rank
D – Is Google the only game in town?
3 – Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization / Showing Up Higher In Search Results)
A – Optimizing your site for SEO
B – Things that are NOT in your control
C – How to gain a competitive advantage
D – The Old Way (Mistakes to Avoid)

V – Analytics
1 – What are Analytics?
2 – How to properly interpret /view / use analytics
3 – Using analytics to increase sales / conversion rates

VI – Summary, Questions, Referrals, and Closing

According to our recent survey this is one of our highest demand classes this year, and seating may be limited, so make sure you reserve your spot early! The cost of this all-day class is 9 / person and includes a lunch courtesy of Texsource and Cherokee Grill of Kings Mountain. For more information or to signup for this class, visit or call toll free 888-344-4657.

Price: 9.00

at Texsource, Inc.
714 Cleveland Ave
Kings Mountain, United States

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