Introducing a new Google Docs

Introducing a new Google Docs | Google Docs lets you create, share, and collaborate on documents online. And it just got better with rebuilt editors for documents, spreadsheets, and drawings, designed to improve collaboration, increase speed, and create richer documents.

25 thoughts on “Introducing a new Google Docs

  1. Google Doc should make an offline, installable version of it’s whole “office” suite for the Windows RT/Surface tab and have it “sync-able” with the cloud version. It would make productivity amazing for college students like myself.

  2. WoWWW!! This is great, if i have a idea, projects of anykind like discovery a new way to use some plant, i can make a project on a really easy way, with a biology, enviroment person speciallity, chemist and with some project resource speciallyt checking if is possible, after that, just send for someone sign and aproved. Cool : )

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  4. @webpaulo LOL I posted that last year—it doesn’t mean Microsoft word is actually free—I was just saying that Google Docs is like a free version of Microsoft word. I said that a year ago, and I disagree now because Microsoft has way more features than Google Docs.

  5. I admire Google: from a humble search engine whose first server ran on a Lego brick rack, to what is virtually a digital monopoly (or at least superpower), who can afford to distribute a free productivity suite running on their servers.

  6. It is again Valentina Rosenberg. Everything sounds great.I was going to check all my products, can i redo all of them on new docs? Commerce Rocket cannot insert Google checkout as it is not compatible with their software. PLEASE ADVISE ME WHAT SHOULD I DO? Many thanks ,Valentina

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