Introducing Applied Linguistics

Introducing Applied Linguistics

Image by EricGjerde
Some of my tessellation art was used for the cover and media kits for a new linguistics textbook. Does this image look familiar? 🙂

you can see it on amazon:

Introducing Applied Linguistics

10 thoughts on “Introducing Applied Linguistics

  1. Really? That’s awesome! I’m kinda curious what tessellations have to do with linguistics (apart from the obvious finding patterns, etc.) but glad to see this sort of thing getting more out there 🙂

  2. Ben – nothing to do with it at all other than they liked the artwork and wanted to license it. I was happy to. wish learning italian was that easy 🙂

  3. The book looks really nice, and it’s on the front & back as well as inside covers. they really went with the color palette here. I’m realizing I need to spend time and energy doing good photographs of my work from all different kinds of vantage points, because what people are looking for in an image is often very different than what I might want to see… and showcasing a beautiful detail is just as good as showing the whole thing. A learning process. also understanding I need to buy a good camera and get my photo setup back together. right now I’m just living nomad-style through iphone snaps.

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