Introducing NIKE FLYKNIT Technology

Lighter. Faster. Formfitting. Running revolutionized. This is Nike Flyknit technology. Now available from Nike’s Innovation Kitchen.

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18 Responses to Introducing NIKE FLYKNIT Technology

  1. Zevan12 says:

    anyone know the name of the song? I want to use it to warm up for runs in the moriing

  2. ROLOBSkateboarding says:

    foot perfection

  3. intarsia80 says:

    well … flyknit is made using the technique of flat knitting, not weaving like the video shows …

  4. soumyamehta89 says:

    or maybe its made in china by african child slaves

  5. spacejockey666 says:

    This shoe is surprisingly conducive to forefoot running, in which form I run. Although possessing a heel drop, the shoe behaves very much like my Minimus Zero, although with greater cushioning. A fantastic shoe for long mileage (13+), something for which the Minimus Zero is not cut out.

  6. BioHazardForceCAClan says:

    Just run barefoot , or buy vibrams :p

  7. wholesalesunglass2u says:

    thumbs up,these are really marvelous!you may possibly check that styles of mine,all of them are actually excellent.

  8. kavourakos says:

    Should I choose this shoe or the Airmax 2012??

  9. Ben Schmoe says:

    No it’s made in Taiwan. 😛

  10. PiliSmasher says:

    what do you mean by zero drop?

  11. spacejockey666 says:

    Yeah, zero drop would be nice.

  12. aang308 says:

    damn…that was epic

  13. xlFuGiizY says:

    not funny even its joke 

  14. KIMJAEPYUNG says:

    i can not say anything…………..

  15. Chris J. Tow says:

    Spiderman meets Nike 

  16. Ariel Appel says:

    This video makes it about as clear as can be: Barefoot = perfect form. Shoes = not so much. No wonder they cut the shod part out so quickly… =P

  17. BrytonW says:

    If anybody is interested, I’ve uploaded a review of these shoes on my channel.

  18. frawyx2 says:

    Got my orange/university red flyknits today. Nice, cushion ride even without socks. Ordered1/2 size down.

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