Introducing Picasa for Mac (beta)

A quick introduction to the Mac version of Picasa, free photo-management software from Google.

18 thoughts on “Introducing Picasa for Mac (beta)

  1. I have installed, re-moved and re-installed picasa on my mac, but it will not work. It crashes after a few seconds after opening the application. Can anybody helP?

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  3. I think this looks interesting but I don’t think i’ll get it. I think iPhoto looks better and has pretty much all the features that this has. I would recommend waiting for a better version before getting this.

  4. whats this thing like with duplicates … iPhoto is well, ..not good…. duplicate annihilator isn’t much better .. I’ve millions and need a pointer … will Picasa sort out my duplicate dilemma .. that strictly speaking iPhoto caused.

  5. The tute shows what looks like adding text-as-watermark. It that true? I have a friend who’s running a PC and has no knowledge of such things as watermarking. She wants to protect such images as she posts in her gallery for “display only.”

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