Introducing Social Media and how to use it in your Marketing Strategy

Introducing Social Media and how to use it in your Marketing Strategy
Event on 2014-06-06 09:30:00

In order to succeed with Social Media, you need to be strategic. You need to maximise the resources you have within your Business and develop a realistic Strategy that fits them.

A Strategy will save you both time and money, ensuring you are targetting your efforts to their best effect.

With the right knowledge creating a Social Media Strategy need not be difficult. The most important element is to ensure that your Social Media activity aligns with your overall Marketing Plan.

In this course we will help you understand the fundamentals of Social Media Marketing and how this fits within your Business.

Course content includes: 

  • What is Social Media, a large confusing landscape?
  • Listening – how to do this effectively 
  • The Power of Influencers and engaging with stakeholders
  • Build, manage and monitor an interactive Community
  • Engaging with your Communities and keeping them interested!
  • The powers and dangers of Social Media
  • The importance of brand personas and consistency
  • Coping in a social crisis!
  • Brand Journalism and content planning
  • A handy Social management tool to know
  • Some key tactics to consider
  • Measuring your efforts


This course is suitable for anyone who wants to know how to use Social Media effectively within their business. This is not a large seminar; places are restricted in order to ensure delegates are given time and attention in order to maximise their potential.

This course is one of a series designed to help you make the most of Social Media for your Business. Please take a look at the other courses we are running. 

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