Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
Event on 2013-05-14 18:00:00

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This two (2) day course is held on the following dates from 6pm – 8pm:

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Thursday, May 16, 2013

This intensive class is for students wanting further advanced immersion into the world of web design. Students attending this session will be able to write better, more CSS-friendly HTML and enjoy being able to, over time, code less HTML and create streamlined, polished web pages where content is nicely presented via custom CSS. Attendees will learn using clear, easy-to-follow instructions, have access to a password-protected student workroom area and walk away with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of CSS and how they relate to HTML.

Cascading Style Sheets Overview

  • What is CSS and how does it impact HTML and web design?
  • What is a style?
  • Evolution of CSS
  • CSS and HTML
  • Types of CSS Rules
  • The Parts of a CSS Rule
  • CSS Browser Extensions

Creating Styles

  • Anatomy of a Style
  • Internal Style Sheets
  • External Style Sheets

Working with Selectors

  • Tag selectors
  • Class selectors
  • ID selectors
  • Selector tutorial

Style Inheritance & The Cascade

  • What is inheritance?
  • Limits of inheritance
  • How styles cascade
  • Controlling the cascade

Formatting Text with CSS

  • Choosing fonts, adding color to text
  • Changing font size(s)
  • Formatting words and letters
  • Formatting entire paragraphs
  • Styling lists

Course Level & Prerequisites

Advanced I (previous class requirement: RMC Learning HTML 4 for Design & Development 100, RMC Learning HTML 4 for Design & Development 101 – A & RMC Learning HTML 4 for Design & Development 101 – B or equivalent experience to be approved in advance by course instructor).

If you spend at least a quarter of your time in any of these professional web areas, you should attend this course:

  • Interface Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Web Programmers
  • Web Publishers
  • Bloggers
  • Web Interns
  • Web Coders
  • Web Graphic Designers
  • Digital Designers
  • Web Administrators/Webmasters
  • Web Designers
  • Web Developers
  • UI / UX Designers
  • Web Interface Developers
  • Front-End Web Developers
  • Web Applications Developers
  • Mobile Applications Developers
  • Web Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Manager of Front End Web Development
  • Web Design Managers
  • Web Development Managers
  • Web Art Directors
  • Web Design Directors
  • Director of Web Development
  • Global Web Design Director
  • Global Director of Web Development


Each registration comes with a personalized certificate of completion for attending this web design & development course.

About the Instructor

Ruiz McPherson Communications (RMC) founder, Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, is a long time trainer and instructor who presents a variety of subjects spanning interface design, online marketing, social media, PR and web publishing. All workshops, classes and courses are conveniently held at our Herndon, Virginia training room(s).

Refund Policy 

Ruiz McPherson Communications (RMC) does not currently offer a refund policy. However, if you are not able to attend a class which you have signed up and paid for, RMC will allow for the allocated funds to be placed towards another one of our upcoming or future classes. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Daniel Osorio at for more information and/or clarification.

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