Introduction to Magazine layouts.mp4

Introduction to Magazine layouts.mp4

In this set of tutorials you will learn how to create a magazine layout using InDesign CS5. There is also an introduction to magazine layouts and how digital publishing will change all the rules… except for the main one… that we will still be using InDesign CS5. In the project you will learn all (ok…some) of the basic tools like paragraph and character styles, importing graphics, using Kuler for swatches, and using text wrap. Jonathan Ross, Instructor.
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  1. I had to watch this video for school, and the question I had to answer was about using a picture of the photographer in the spread. I wasn’t sure if it was true or false because it wasn’t really talked about in the video.

  2. Jonathan, thank you so much this video was fantastic and very informative. I have been looking into magazine designs and this vlog opened my eyes to subjects I had overlooked with digital editions. For example interactive videos and tablets displaying one page at a time. Thanks for offering this information it is greatly appreciated. :)

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