Introduction to PR: Taster Day

Introduction to PR: Taster Day
Event on 2014-06-25 18:00:00

Course Information

Public Relations is a much discussed topic, with organisations and brands increasingly needing to raise their profile through third party endorsement, protect their reputation and engage with the myriad of publics in the marketing place. This course will help you understand what PR is and isn't, how to undertake a PR campaign, which tactics to use for what situation and how to measure your PR activity. The course is taken from the wider CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications and has an optional assessment at the end which allows the delegate to gain a certificate of completion from the College.

Course Content

The course specifically follows the syllabus set by the Communication, Advertising and Marketing Foundation (CAM). It covers:

  • What PR is and how it works within the marketing mix
  • The characteristics of publics and target audiences
  • The role of the various media available
  • Strategies for PR campaigns
  • The tactics available to a PR practitioner and which ones to use
  • Measuring and evaluating Public Relations activity
  • Basic promotional techniques

 Who Should Study?

This course is aimed as an introduction to anyone interested in understanding the power of PR and how it can improve company performance. The course is designed for those new to the topic, or wishing to get involved in the use of PR within their company.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course delegates will:

  • Have a thorough understanding of what Public Relations is and how to use it in an integrated marketing campaign
  • Understand the basics of strategy and the characteristics of the main PR tactics
  • Be able to prepare an outline PR plan and evaluate its success and performance.

at Engineers’ House
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Bristol, United Kingdom

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