Intronaut, Scale The Summit, Mouth of the Architect, Inter Arma, Sannhet

Intronaut, Scale The Summit, Mouth of the Architect, Inter Arma, Sannhet
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Los Angeles post-prog masters Intronaut return with their 4th and most impressive full length album to date; Habitual Levitations. Once again yielding thunderous, tribal drum beats, hypnotic bass patterns, angular guitar riffs and the trance-like vocals of Sacha Dunable, Intronaut pick up where they left off on 2010's Valley of Smoke, though this time around, see the songs a bit more refined and cultivated. The band toured heavily in support of Valley, including a stint opening for Tool in the US, which may explain the more polished sound. Intronaut has always teetered close on being a jam band. With one of the greatest rhythm sections in music (drummer, Danny Walker and bassist, Joe Lester) it would be hard not to just light up and see where those two take you. Experimenting on stage, knowing exactly where each band member is going in the song and thus really becoming one as a band is what Intronaut has achieved and what producers John Haddad [Exhumed, Phobia] and Derek Donley [Bereft] managed to capture perfectly on the new album. With a US tour supporting Meshuggah and Animals as Leaders set prior to Habitual's release, Intronaut will surely continue to mature and solidify themselves as one of the best metal bands around.

Scale The Summit

In 2004, Guitarists Chris Letchford and Travis Levrier moved to Los Angeles to attend the Musicians Institute, where they met drummer Pat Skeffington. After a few months, the band was completed with the addition of Bassist Jordan Eberhardt. While attending M.I., Chris and Travis also attended a luthier course, where the duo learned to build their own custom guitars. At the end of 2006, Scale The Summit moved to Letchford's home town of Houston, Texas, where they released their self-released debut album, Monument. They slowly started to gain attention from magazines such as Kerrang, Rock Sound and Amp. A couple years later in 2009 they signed with Prosthetic Records and began working on their second album, Carving Desert Canyons. The release of the second album was extremely successful, earning the band a spot on the 2008 Progressive Nation Tour with Dream Theater. After a couple more years of touring, the band settled in again in late 2010 to record their most recent album, The Collective.

Mouth of the Architect

Mouth of the Architect Time and Withering Translation Loss is definitely a triumph when a band can keep the attention of someone who possesses a near-ADHD attention span (like myself) with songs that haughtily surpass and defecate on the ten-minute mark. There has to be something special about any band that can keep me-a person who rises suspicion in speed enforcement cops and border guards the world over due to an inability to keep my eyes from darting to-and-fro while in conversation-fist-banging like a drunken Slayer fan, foot stomping like the hillbillies in Deliverance and mouthing lyrics like that lazy-eyed kid in your English class who read everything while moving his lips. For Ohio's Mouth of the Architect are the cure for what ails as they rumble along with three epic length tracks-plus the five underdeveloped minutes that make up Heart Eaters-that are eerie and airy, yet of crushing capacity and Herculean proportions. Taking a page from the dog-eared textbook of Neurosis, Godflesh and Isis monumental Oceanic album, Mot hypnotically entice the listener into A Vivid Chaos and The Worm with teasing melodies and deceptively catchy, Ennio Morricone effected sounds before crashing down with orchestrated guitars that wrangle moods, strangle emotions and crush like the pneumatic press that killed Governor Schwarzenegger in the first Terminator movie. Their sound is as equally warm and inviting as it is ballistic and unrelenting and they make the most with the space and time they give themselves to build, layer, pillage, kill and destroy before starting the process all over again. Fuck Ritalin when you've got Mouth of the Architect.

Inter Arma

From Robotic Empire: Two groups of hellbent hessian heathens have joined forces for this mighty split EP. Richmond, Virginia is home to a lot of metal bands, but arguably two of the finest up-and-comers have paired up for this killer platter of 7" wax. BATTLEMASTER and INTER ARMA both debut on vinyl for the first time with this new offering; two choice cuts on side A and one lengthy bruiser on the flipside. Shredding guitar players, inhuman hummingbird drummers, scathing burning-witch vocalists…there's not much more you can ask for. First press, limited to 500 copies.

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