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Investor Relations Firm – Pristine Advisers: Pristine Advisers – A Public Relations and Investor Relations Firm As a leading investor relations/public relations/media relations firm headquartered in New York, with offices in London, Spain and Connecticut, Pristine Advisers assists companies of all shapes and sizes in improving awareness and increase shareholder value. With our established database and network of over 60k institutional investors, individual investors, analysts, brokers, portfolio manager and media, we are able to efficiently communicate your mission and goals to the audience that matters most to you. With over 23 years in the financial industry, we are well positioned and understand every aspect of how the financial markets operate. Our seasoned professionals work closely with each and every client to develop a program tailored to your specific needs. No two clients are alike, and therefore, no two programs are alike. We work closely with management as well as internal IR departments if applicable. We monitor market activity with our ear to the street to respond and act upon the continuous and ever changing financial marketplace. Our programs range from standard day-to-day IR activities, to earnings announcements, IPO’s, M&A transactions, Perception Studies, Roadshows, etc Pristine Advisers provides Investor/Public/Media Relations and Creative Marketing to public companies, private organizations and closed-end funds all under one
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15 thoughts on “Investor Relations Firm – Pristine Advisers – A Public Relations and Investor Relations Firm

  1. Thank you for offering your CEF and ETF events…’s about time someone took the initiative to bring these events to us… glad that you did….I am very grateful for them

  2. Thank you so much for helping our fund grow its investor base. In this day in age, it is difficult to find a firm that not only “knows” about closed-end funds, but one who “truly understands it” is almost impossible. We were couldn’t be happier with your team on our side and we look forward to continuing our working relationship.

  3. Your firm took me from a small little hole-in-the-wall eatery to a franchise hosting 8 stores and media spotlights on some of the top shows such as Sex in the City, Law and Order, Housewives of New Jersey and Broadwalk Empire to name a few, not to mention print publications across the globe. Your marketing skills by far surpassed my expectations and we are eternally grateful.

  4. You always said “Don’t tell us we can’t do something (unless it’s illegal) – can’t is not in our vocabulary” – well, you’ve certainly stood by your words. You’ve tackled projects that others shied away from….you reached out to reporters that others were too scared to reach out to… took on activists and changed from from lions to kittens… made change to things others said were impossible….I admire your courage and dedication and am honored to be one of your clients.

  5. It’s been over 16 years that I’ve worked with the team at Pristine Advisers and I am more grateful every day. In this ever-changing world of media and social media, SEO, activist investors, etc, – it is relieving to know that we are in the best hands possible. Pristine Advisers is proactive — not reactive. They are go-getters and always ahead of the curve. We are grateful to the relationship we’ve formed with them and look forward to continuing this relationship for many years ahead.

  6. Thank you for helping our firm recover from some (let’s just say – “unpleasant”) media turmoil. We appreciate the discretion and compassion you showed our senior staff and your quick call-to-action to help us recover gracefully. We weren’t expecting such a quick turnaround but we are eternally grateful for your expertise and assistance.

  7. Having worked with the team at Pristine Advisers prior to my retiring, I must echo the above comments. It was always nice to know that business was always taken care of without the need to “babysit” our IR/PR agency. They are innovative and motivated and definitely think outside the box. They handled any and all projects and always exceeded expectations. Any firm would be lucky to have them on their side.

  8. When it comes to working with Asian clients — the team at Pristine Advisers definitely know how to bridge the time zone gap. I have referred the team to several of my Asian clients over the years to handle various types of projects and they have always gone above and beyond and always exceed expectations. Thanks for always making me look good 🙂

  9. I can always count on the team at Pristine Advisers to answer any questions I have relating to closed-end funds. Even on the rare occasion that I stump them with a question — they are quick to call me back with an answer. They are well organized, friendly and knowledgeable and always willing to assist.

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