Invisibility Breakthrough for Japanese Researchers

Invisibility Breakthrough for Japanese Researchers

Researchers in Japan have invented an incredible invisibility cloak. The technology comes from 2003, but it’s developers say the Harry Potter-like invisibili…
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24 Responses to Invisibility Breakthrough for Japanese Researchers

  1. zrut4391 says:

    boohoo…nothing to sell needs a damn camera at the back of each damn suit.

  2. Stickmaster1100 says:

    agreed but whatt bout the fat ugly women? Skinny jeans for them are bad enough…..

  3. Stickmaster1100 says:

    Better than what Xander pointed out

  4. Maron zaiton says:

    i hope its could work in the real live without the camera

  5. lolol860 says:

    Humans’* infinite*. You talk for yourself.

  6. ambi101 says:

    a new way for criminals to get away lol

  7. lucijan kamikaza says:

    Canada is waaaaaay ahead

  8. AMAElola says:

    ha ha ha!! great reply!

  9. roloug95 says:

    which is very clear from that sentence.

  10. Worfolonious says:


  11. ezwholio says:

    well it depends, if only the material was on the front side of the body/clothes. then she’ll look naked.

  12. PREDATORS4321 says:

    I would like to have one, but it only works with cameras, so you can´t be invisible anywhere.

  13. SouLiberator says:


  14. Gareth Hudgins says:

    Advertisement!!!!!! That’s the perfect use. Big points for Japan. Imagine driving down New York and every building is coated with video ads for anything.

  15. cyberreaper320 says:

    O hai there Ghost In The Shell

  16. Cnarimot Co says:

    So he must still use these devices (computer, video camera and projector) to see the effect of the of so-called new technology. How does it differs with my chroma key effect?

  17. XanderDesignStudios says:

    Or start a new war with this technology ( USA logics ).

  18. PedsHouse says:

    black ops 2 .. really? shit snake had one of these in MGS2. Black ops can SMD

  19. Mohammed soda says:

    Augmented Reality !! im gonna live in March !@

  20. HiDelshin says:

    behind clothes is the naked body…

  21. Cj Pastrana says:

    awesome i love it,, i wanna try it ^_^

  22. TheEarbudLover says:

    Is it me or Black Ops 2 is predicting most of the tech now?

  23. Marcus B Urameshi says:

    i think the clarity of the reflection is what is new. it seems the size of the reflective beads used in the cloth is what make it new and improved. But your right the science behind reflections and projections is obviously old.

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