iOS 6 Maps – C3 Maps – Realistic 3D City Models

iOS 6 maps 3d demo – C3 Technologies provides photo-realistic 3D city visualization solutions for the search, navigation and geographic information systems industries. The flagship product Realistic 3D City Models provides large web map publishers, as well as innovative location-based services companies precise 3D maps as a platform for new social and commercial applications.
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22 Responses to iOS 6 Maps – C3 Maps – Realistic 3D City Models

  1. hendri .casper says:


  2. grimsonfart says:

    Still dosent beat this ^^

  3. MarkGJunk says:

    1.Open Google Earth. 2.On the sidebar, enable 3D Buildings 3.Go to somewhere with a lot of buildings like New York. 4.On the bar at the top, Tools>Enter Flight Simulator. 5.?????? 6.PROFIT!

  4. pwningjosh says:

    googles contract ended with apple.. apple didnt want it

  5. kookie175 says:

    misleading video…

  6. grimsonfart says:

    What if you would make a flight simulator out of this? WOOOOOW

  7. SCMusicVids says:

    you are asshole with no respect for anyone else

  8. LannyLanuel says:


  9. LannyLanuel says:

    Until Google buys it.

  10. WiseTube says:

    It’s just a freaking joke! Moralism over jokes is the most annoying leftovers from dictatorial ideas.

  11. jean valjean says:

    hi uploader. i have ipad 3 and i already update it on os6, but cant use 3d maps. any suggestions?

  12. evanderep says:

    its a joke

  13. PaintProw says:

    Game Over Google

  14. n01anxx says:

    Get over it

  15. Makorus404 says:

    Seriously, just because he’s writing in an unknown language you don’t have to call him as a terrorist. FUCKING RACIST!!!!!!!!

  16. Yarach says:

    It’s so iNnovative © ® TM

  17. alllitangio says:

    hahahah I wrote a similar comment in another video!! lol

  18. Sean Kosari says:

    Well you are living in a village 😀 it’s odd! hope fully google releases youtube and maps ap for iPhone very soon. I’m want to get either iPhone 5 or the next Nexus… iOS 6 is disappointing me :(

  19. Sam King says:

    Lancaster, UK, and yes, I have the final iOS6. The maps are online anyway, so it’s not as if that would matter.

  20. Sean Kosari says:

    Where do you live? do u have the final ios6?

  21. Arturo Gutierrez says:

    well, regardless of how sucky it is at the moment, this is likely the future of maps

  22. TheRodification says:


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