iOS 6 Maps – C3 Maps – Realistic 3D City Models

iOS 6 maps 3d demo – C3 Technologies provides photo-realistic 3D city visualization solutions for the search, navigation and geographic information systems industries. The flagship product Realistic 3D City Models provides large web map publishers, as well as innovative location-based services companies precise 3D maps as a platform for new social and commercial applications.
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22 thoughts on “iOS 6 Maps – C3 Maps – Realistic 3D City Models

  1. 1.Open Google Earth. 2.On the sidebar, enable 3D Buildings 3.Go to somewhere with a lot of buildings like New York. 4.On the bar at the top, Tools>Enter Flight Simulator. 5.?????? 6.PROFIT!

  2. Well you are living in a village 😀 it’s odd! hope fully google releases youtube and maps ap for iPhone very soon. I’m want to get either iPhone 5 or the next Nexus… iOS 6 is disappointing me 🙁

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