iPad 4 vs Windows 8 Intel Atom Tablets Comparison Smackdown

iPad 4 vs Windows 8 Intel Atom Tablets Comparison Smackdown

Lisa Gade compares the iPad 4 with Retina Display and Windows 8 tablets with Intel Atom CPU including the Lenovo ThinkPad 2, HP ENVY X2 and more. This is for…

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14 Responses to iPad 4 vs Windows 8 Intel Atom Tablets Comparison Smackdown

  1. MonteCarlo185 says:

    windows 8 + tablet = great windows 8 + PC = not so great

  2. grove12345 says:

    I think most people dont make educated purchases when buying Apple products

  3. Camilo Andrés Ferrer Urrea says:

    You are shit the iPad is better

  4. CLAGMAN1000 says:

    Besides the camera my first gen ipad does what the ipad 4 does. I realized Apple is making us want to upgrade every 6 months

  5. CLAGMAN1000 says:

    Ipad is a toy. Has looked the same since it came out. It has gotten boring and outdated. iOS devices have become redundant. Windows 8 tablets is a real computer.

  6. MacDatmusic says:

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  7. Daniel Bijan says:

    I’ve been inspired to go back to comedy, so I did a video called “HOW TO WRITE A NEW APPLE IPAD COMMERCIAL IN 30 SECONDS” It would mean a lot to me if a few people checked it out. I’m unemployed with 3 kids and I figured I would give YOUTUBE a shot while I can.

  8. The9Tony says:

    iPad 4 ftw 😀

  9. davidcl96 says:

    Ipad is the best tablet

  10. naman mittal says:

    hey dose windows 8 tabs support softwars such as wamp netbeans etc nd games like counterstrike,aoe 

  11. Adhi Suryana says:

    BTW, you’re right, be careful not all atom tablet have dual digitizer

  12. Adhi Suryana says:

    Lisa, I really like how you reviewing products, the other only judge product based on the first appearance, and they not use it thoroughly, but your review, its exactly my experience with the actual product that I used for 3-4months ^^

  13. CheeseWithWorms says:

    Lovely videos! Subscribed.

  14. VipSenza Mutande says:

    APPLE IPAD A 49,00 EURO! vipsenzamutande.it

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