iPad Clone – aPad Demonstration Part 3 – Internet Browsers

This is Part 3 of my videos on the aPad. Sorry I’m a little sick in the video. I just read what I wanted to say to finish it quickly and rest. RockChip CPU aPad 7″ www.amazon.com Personal suggestion: Amazon’s Kindle Fire – 7″ multitouch tablet! www.amazon.com Here’s the Playlist for all of my aPad videos: www.youtube.com This video will be focusing on internet browsers. This is running rogerbraun’s custom firmware version 5.1 at the moment. Let me start by saying, there are a handful of browsers, each with their own unique capabilities. I’ll be focusing on the top three. The first one is the Google browser that’s preinstalled in the system. This is a very clean looking browser. Its speed is about average, even when you have the websites cached. It has the ability to launch the websites in a fullscreen mode, with the page slightly cut off. The responsiveness is so-so, it should be faster if you have more memory on your aPad. All of these browsers have the ability to open multiple pages and they also properly change orientation when rotated. You can zoom out to view the entire page. The next browser is all about speed. This is the Opera Mini 5. It uses the same feature as Google Chrome which allows users to set their most visited websites as the homepage. So you can just click one of these preset links and go to your favorite pages right away. The browser also loads pages faster than the other browsers. Although the only complaint I have about this one is the lack of zoom

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