iPad Games for Cats from Friskies®

Purina® Friskies® Presents iPad Games for Cats – three games developed for the iPad – “Cat Fishing,” “Tasty Treasure Hunt” and “Party Mix-up.” These cat games are based on research of cat senses and how they react to different stimuli. Visit www.gamesforcats.com for links to the games, videos and more.
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23 Responses to iPad Games for Cats from Friskies®


    i saw u had 2 cats WOW u are a crazy lonely cat people

  2. Caren Neuhof says:

    man and man and gone gone tried

  3. fraze86 says:

    Why can’t I get this on my Swedish apple account?

  4. PhoenixWright101 says:

    Go to the ‘Declawing Practices’ section of the ‘Onychectomy’ article at Wikipedia. It outlines how rare declawing is in every country outside the US, and how most US vets actually disapprove of the barbaric practice.

  5. PhoenixWright101 says:

    Not in my country they don’t. Vets that declaw cats should be ashamed of themselves.

  6. LadyAllegra55 says:

    If it’s so cruel then why do vets everywhere do it?

  7. Multifantasydreamer says:


  8. Cocaineawareness says:

    A good owner? more like a heartless asshole.

  9. niviob says:

    You know what’s really cruel? Killing an animal for it’s flesh.

  10. Алексей Костяев says:


  11. Perktube1 says:

    amen to that.

  12. ToughCharizardy says:

    My cat is so lazy.. He just stares at the screen and follows the fish with his eyes.. Lol

  13. YousufOuf2000 says:

    guys , i just downloaded a fish app on my iPad for my cat but i wanna know something….whats the percent of that my cat scratches the screen? (its not a small cat, its a medium one)

  14. gnitpeohseluj says:

    Do they have any for iPod?

  15. fytr4lyf1 says:

    lions sleep 20h a day on average. i know some ppl that do to, but ppl on average dont 😛

  16. AmethystMoonRising93 says:

    Kitty loves the fishing game.

  17. camden mcmanamy says:

    they iPad would not get scratched beacuse when cats put down a foot ther claws go in did u know

  18. Urdailyapple says:

    But out of all the species of animals, humans remain the laziest.

  19. Urdailyapple says:

    But out of all of the species of animals, humans are the laziest.

  20. GamesAtTharle says:

    its really a good game tho lol!

  21. anindyog says:

    This is iPad cruelty. The cat should be arrested.

  22. jazlyn rose says:

    I would do that but I don’t have a cat and the iPad would get scratched

  23. Norihan Nordin says:

    Omgg ur ipad will full of scratches …

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