IPCybercrime Boot Camp – San Antonio

IPCybercrime Boot Camp – San Antonio
Event on 2012-09-12 09:00:00
Rob Holmes is one of the world's best online investigators.Now you can learn his secrets.

"Nobody can hide from you if you apply my teachings. Whether you are interested in hunting a person the old fashioned way or beating a hacker on his own turf, your game will be elevated." ~ Rob Holmes

Here's what people are saying:

"A great and eye opening seminar! I am so happy I attended!" ~ N. Saberi, Oakley

"The amount of information that he shared was incredible." ~ S. Kirby, Edward R. Kirby & Assoc.

"Your class was worth every penny and every minute." ~ Y. Contreras, Dumont Bergman & Bider

"It was one of the most informative presentations I've been to in a long time." ~ D. Schmitt, Energizer

Private investigators will learn how to:

Use a "raw ping" to save you in court

Determine a website's ISP

Identify & locate the prior owner of a website

Determine the owner of an IP address

Use a website's HTML source code to put bad guys behind bars

Use Google Analytics as evidence

Conduct website analysis like the pros

Track more than 300 cases at a time without losing data

Make an undercover purchase without being traced

Follow the money trail after making a purchase on a website

Legally record telephone calls

Hack the White Pages

Geo-locate someone from an email

Use email forensics to catch a crook

Find the name of the owner of a cell phone for free

Get your black belt in Google

Legally mine PayPal for evidence

Conduct a reverse email search on

PayPal Find someone using only their email address

Use Facebook for data mining

Validate and decipher multiple results when locating a skip

Use Open Source Intel (OSINT) to win a case

Hack social networks for screen names

at 18 Oaks Restaurant @ JW Marriott San Antonio
23808 Resort Parkway
San Antonio, United States

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