iPhone 5: Yahoo Mail Fix for server problems

A few people are having problems having their Yahoo mail account set up so heres the fastest way to fix the problem. 1. Go to Settings 2. Then select “Mails,…
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18 Responses to iPhone 5: Yahoo Mail Fix for server problems

  1. Pablo Settecase says:

    Stop using cheapass headphones

  2. Feri Ado says:

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  3. nparviz82 says:

    any time i did “next” it gave me a msg ” yahoo is not available”

  4. xXTechNewbieXx says:

    Boo fucking hoo, cry me a river

  5. Pantrel WOHL says:

    Thanks for blowing out my headphones you fucking cunt

  6. Sabrinapurple3 says:

    this is shit

  7. Justin Edwards says:

    Dude, you’re a fucking god.

  8. chip perkins says:

    you rock!!!!! TY!!! 

  9. Caysey3 says:

    Mine says the the imap username or password is not correct

  10. Amanda Sabido says:

    Yay!! Finally. You rock!

  11. sandycan1 says:

    Does not work

  12. sandycan1 says:

    Ya right

  13. Pedro Horta says:

    The same for me….It says Imap is not working,,,

  14. tobysimmonds says:

    can you substitute .ca for .com for yahoo.ca users?

  15. sallyboo8892 says:

    Thank you! Spent two days trying to figure this out on my new iPod.  Should have google searched it to begin with. Thank again!

  16. lauchlanman says:


  17. salimfariss says:

    thank u so much i was trying to figure it out for a month now

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