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24 thoughts on “iPhone mini leaks, Google Drive update, HTC One E9+ & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. I have an iPhone 5C 32GB and everyday I regret not paying the extra $100. I know its basically a iPhone 5, which isn’t that bad, but the 5S has a host of improvements that make it worth that extra $100. I have learned my lesson…

  2. I definitely would not pay a premium of £100 for something better than the 6/7c since in the UK it’s bloody expensive at £319 for the 8GB non expandable version. For £319 I could buy the Xperia Z3 compact for the same price. Apple admit that you are ironic pointing out the flaws of Samsung hyperglase when your “unapologetic plastic” just sucks. 

  3. Apple is obviously trying to get themselves a piece of the low-end pie. The problem with this strategy is that they have built their name and products on “premium”(whatever that means) products. iPhones are more than phones. They ate status symbols and a lot of people get them for that reason. *”I have an iPhone. I can afford one. I have arrived!”*. When you buy this iPhone 6C you are sending a message like *”I’m too poor or cheap to buy a real iPhone. I have to settle for this one.”* The only way they are going to sell these is if they are sub $400.

  4. It will all depend on pricing , if apple is making this device affodable with a good price then yes, but if it is not much of an upgrade from previous iphone 6 and n its expensive then no.

  5. Apple is messing up if they think people will want the cheap ugly colored iPhones in 4″ model with dumbed down specs. They need to make a premium 4″ one and quit going cheap. Also 16 gb models should be a thing of the past. 32 should be the minimum.

  6. Samsung phones are over hyped trash to me. So are iPhones. Need not defend your phones, because it’s simply my opinion. The Moto series are the greatest series of phones ever made, in my eyes. Jaime, what is your favorite line of phones ever made? 

  7. The reason the 5C didn’t sell well is it’s price. It was a budget iPhone for a premium price. Knowing Apple, that’s not going to change, so no thanks.

  8. * Facepalm* Apple…. Apple…Apple… What the Hell are you doing….. -The apple Watch: Full off useless features and an insane price…. -The new Macbook: … * 1.1ghz Duel core CPU, * Intel HD Graphics 5300 * 256GB storage * 8gb ram * No Fan at all * Only one port so you need to buy a bunch of adapters * Up to 9 battery life … ………… 1299$……. -And now the New Iphone 6C:… Plastic case, dumbed down specs.. looks pretty much the same as the Iphone 5c… You guys better start getting you shit together…. Honestly…. 

  9. The reason the iPhone 5c was successful was because it was cheaper and it was still a great iPhone. That appealed to the parents buying kids their first iPhone and Teens and Young Adults on a budget. It was the most popular phone amongst my friends, they loved the iPhone 5c and I think the 6c and 7c would have the same appeal.

  10. I think the 5C and soon 6C are there just to get people to buy the more expensive iPhone the next time, just like the 16GB iPhone. Its all a marketing trick. I don’t have a single friend who doesn’t regret buying a 5C or a 16GB variant.

  11. No one wants Iphone C, but Apple unapologetically will attempt to sell last gen specs wrapped in shit plastic instead of aluminum. I myself waiting to iphone edition… joking

  12. IPhone is not a cheap phone! IPhone 5C, 6C, xC… isnt cheap too. So why would you buy cheaper expencive phone with hardware of previous premium phone that is actually cheaper and sharper! That just do not seems to have reasons!

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