iPod Touch 5G Unboxing + Countless Accessories (Apple)

Nov. 7, I picked up the new iPod Touch 5G! ~How to Use EarPods~ The accessories exclusively include: *EarPods with remote + mic *2 Wall USB Adaptors *2 Lightning to 30-pin Adaptors *Dock Cradle Also mentioning: *Metal blue cover *Glow-in-the-dark cover *Black-and-orange cover Apple’s business is Apple’s business. Technology is one of many ways of glorifying Gd. Music & Jesus – couldn’t live without EITHER of them. “How to use EarPods” Siri can answer a HUGELY VAST area of questions. Ron Paul was the ONLY electable candidate for office, THAT’s why I mentioned him. Rude or red herred comments WILL be removed – no hate, just sharing. 🙂
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