IPOP Network Launches Redzel, a Website Dedicated to Products and Services Near You

(PRWEB) January 10, 2014

The IPOP Network has been undergoing some interesting changes and the launch of Redzel in 2014 is part of the company’s vision for 2014 and beyond. Gone are the days where push marketing comes first, consumers know what they want and they are looking for it.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing only solve part of the puzzle, specialised in helping you find the content web users search for. IPOP Network’s vision for 2014 and beyond revolves around creating the content that people search for.

Redzel provides users with geo-specific information about products and services they search for, the concept is a simple one, if and when a user searches for something on the world wide web they need information, more importantly they need geo-specific information.

Redzel’s tag line “Products and Services near you!” explains exactly what a user can expect from the website.

Redzel answers simple questions about products and services; ranging from what the product or service is, where a web user can purchase the product or service, how popular the product or service is and also provides historical information about the product or service.

Driven by content marketing concepts and professional researchers and writers, the content is provided in small and easy to digest highly inter-linked information with reference to extended resources for more in-depth information about the products or service provided by the supplier and retailers of the products themselves.

Redzel articles are unbiased although the content is sponsored by retailers and suppliers that are able to provide the product or service to the consumer, The where to buy section provides information about the relevant supplier, however the user is free to make use of the information and purchase from any supplier they desire.

Redzel can cater to any market a sponsor wishes to provide information to, by creating content specifically targeted to any geographic audience.

The team at IPOP strongly believes that the simple rule to content marketing is creating content people look for; the search engines are specialised in finding that content and supplying it to the right audience.

The team at Redzel therefore serves the purpose of providing the information; they strongly believe that search engines such as Google know good content when they see it. Letting Google and other search engines continue doing a great job at finding the content whilst they focus on producing it.

Suppliers looking to provide geo-specific information about products and services they supply can get in touch with the IPOP Network to learn more about Redzel.

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