Iraqi officials say IS leader wounded in airstrike

Iraqi officials say IS leader wounded in airstrike
The California Highway Patrol is investigating Steve-O for breaking the law during his Sea World protest. Steve essentially made a video confession … giving a blow-by-blow of how he defaced a public sign on the 5 Freeway which leads to the theme park.
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Baylor, Arizona St, Ohio St step up in AP poll
Baylor, Arizona State and Ohio State all took big steps forward in The Associated Press college football poll after big wins, and Auburn dropped out of the top five after being upset. For the fifth straight week, the top two are Mississippi State (9-0 …
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In France, a WWI soldier's bedroom frozen in time
Belabre (France) (AFP) – The dust and cobwebs lie thick after nearly a century, but the memory of the French soldier who grew up in this bedroom — and who died in Belgium in World War I — is today as vivid as the sunlight streaming through the window.
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