iRobot Flytouch WM 8650 Android 2.2 Tablet flash 10.1 support

Product Description Features: 1. Support Android 2.2 OS, Flash 10.1, internal WiFi and external 3G. *** การรองรับ External 3G หรือ Aircard เหมือนตัวเดิมครับ แนะนำรุ่น Huawei E220 2. High Configuration, High Quality, Low Pirce 3. Super Slim, fashionable and compact design. 4. G-sensor 5. Full-size touch operation, sliding menus, icons Product Specification CPU: WMT wm8650 (800MHz; 2D display acceleration support) Operating System: Google Android 2.2 (support Flash 10.1) Memory: 256MB DDR2 800MHz Storage Device: 2GB Flash HDD(standard; Optional up to 8GB) LCD: 7″ 800*480 high-brightness TFT LCD Touch: Res-Type (Multi Touch support-two fingers) Orientation: Switch orientation automatically when rotating MID Haptic: Vibrate when pressing ICON and othe programes Touch Operation: Full-size touch operation, sliding menus, icons Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED® Ethernet: RJ-45 for 10/100 Mbps Card Slot: Micro SD(TF) up to 32GB Camera: 0.3MP G-sensor: For Movie, Game, Music, Photo and other programes I/O Port: Extrenal USB 2.0 portX2 MIC*1(On Board), Speaker*2, Earphone*1 Battery: 7.4V/1800mAh Accessory: AC adapter, user’s manual, extrenal RJ45 / USBpot, packing box Softwares Fring, MSN, Youtube, Google Map, Document to go, Multimedia Player, Email, Es File Explore, Application Store

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14 Responses to iRobot Flytouch WM 8650 Android 2.2 Tablet flash 10.1 support

  1. Paweena Pruksaton says:

    อยากดูกล้องง่า TT

  2. เจ้าชาย เลือดผสม says:

    ยังมีเครื่องอยู่ไหมครับ และราคาเท่าไหร่ครับ

  3. noomple1 says:

    256 of ram แรงเหี้ยๆ

  4. wm8650 says:

    WonderMedia 8650 – WM8650 Android Tablet PC Support Forum go to

  5. BuBi Bell says:

    คุ้มนะ เหมาะกับนักเรียน

  6. hadyiannos1979 says:

    how can i put it in safe mode i have the same and it stuck on start up i see onlythe i robot icon and nothing then how can i put it on a safe mode

  7. Takkasit Arkkaradechabodin says:


  8. JWF128 says:

    are these the same as the ones sold on JWF Selling?

  9. oodkrab says:


  10. palmnum2 says:

    ใช้แอพ Viber ได้มั้ยครับ

  11. TheMrnarak says:

    ถ้า จะซื้อตอนนี้เหลือ อีกมั้ยค่ะ

  12. SashaDurramore says:

    Is this with 256 or 512 mb of ram?

  13. adrian45632 says:

    What kind of screen is it. And is it ARM926.

  14. Ash Ali says:

    you can’t upgrade it. It comes with a default OS.

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