Is a local SEO campaign like a sitcom?

Is a local SEO campaign like a sitcom?
In some ways, running a local SEO campaign is a lot like writing a sitcom episode. Each follows a formula for repeated success, and when you strip both of them down to their cores, their components are very similar. The Venn diagram below outlines the …
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Why You Need to Take Another Look at Your Site's SEO Right Away
Like the Internet itself, the SEO realm is one that's ever-changing and evolving. What might be considered cutting edge today could easily be deemed as antiquated in just a few months from now. As a result, this trend means that digital marketers must …
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#AskAnSEO: Jenny Halasz Answers Your Questions on #SEO Measurement, Metrics
Want to ask Jenny an SEO question? Fill out our form or use #AskAnSEO on social media. This week's Ask an SEO column is centered around metrics and measurement. In general, I like to think about what makes sense for measurement, and it comes down …
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