Is an unmanaged reputation a neglected reputation? Dr. Laura Toogood of Digitalis Reputation speaks about Online Reputation Management at the University of Oxford

Oxford, Oxfordshire (PRWEB UK) 26 February 2013

Dr. Laura Toogood recently presented a seminar at Nuffield College at the University of Oxford as part of the series on Social Networks that is currently taking place at one of the leading research institutes in the world. Dr. Toogoods presentation was entitled “To manage or not to manage: Reputation issues for private individuals in the online space.” The hour-long seminar was followed by a Questions and Answers session with the audience and discussion that surrounded various Online Reputation Management issues.

Dr. Laura Toogood offered valuable industry insight during the seminar by drawing on her experience as the Private Client Director at Digitalis Reputation. She highlighted some of the more generic challenges that are regularly encountered by clients who engage with online reputation management.

Dr. Laura Toogood discussed the role of media and journalism in shaping the online profile of certain individuals. She also addressed some of the key technical issues surrounding the creation and management of information and the challenges presented by the Internet. In many cases we see that the Internet particularly search engine results pages presents only one dimension of an individual and this can vary according to the information that is available. Balancing a profile includes educating the person about the use of communication tools that can accurately reflect their identity, such as various forms of social media, among other platforms. Generating accurate information is crucial for reputation management and often errors in content can snowball and lead to an inaccurate depiction of an individual or company. Therefore, owning your own space has become crucial as it gives you some control over your output and online projection. The Internet has caused an explosion of information, so managing and monitoring this information is crucial.

This was Dr. Toogoods first speaking event since she was invited to present at the International Conference of Social Informatics in Switzerland (December 2012) on Reputation, Internet Trust, Identity and Privacy that was hosted by the Network of Excellence in Internet Science.

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