Is Google Knowledge? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

“Google it” seems to be the quick and easy answer for every question we could possibly ask, but is finding facts the same thing as KNOWING? Having billions o…
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14 Responses to Is Google Knowledge? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

  1. THMTRXMN says:

    Can information without understanding be considered knowledge at all? Also DuckDuckGo > Google.

  2. Minh Nguyen says:

    The internet is an infinitely powerful tool if you use it right. I could never of imagined so much knowledge in the palm of your hands could exist before the smartphone. There’s so much potential but many don’t utilize it.

  3. KittyKatKatrinaAndCo says:

    I actually do agree with the point to where we can’t take everything in. I have been taking some cognitive psychology classes at my University. And there can be a point in time where you can’t take everything in. Our brains are very complex; however, they like to keep it simple. Our brains operate on the purpose of K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple Stupid. The simpler it is the better we can understand it and relay it to other people. (That is just my theory at least.)

  4. KittyKatKatrinaAndCo says:

    Is knowing really understanding though? That is where I think knowledge comes from. Here is an example: I can read and get a vague understanding of John Locke’s theories, but I can’t quite wrap my head entirely around it to explain it to someone else. To me knowledge is like that AHA! moment, to where you finally understand that math problem you were working on last week. You see HOW you got the answer, you just don’t use the formula to get it.

  5. John Mayor says:

    I do not think you have gone fundamental enough on investigating the nature of knowledge. I think you should have address knowledge as opposed to beliefs and account for the problem of obtaining any true knowledge at all. And speaking of whether google knows, I must say that we can only go so far as information because of the problem of obtaining certain knowledge. However, according to john searle’s chinese room thoughr experiment, google definitely does not have any understanding.

  6. Ben D says:

    Simply brilliant. Google is actually more like a portal or magic mirror that old tales would dream up. Again good points brought up.

  7. GreatGwiaz says:

    I would just like to say that this video helped prove my point in my current events.

  8. Avram Levitt says:

    This idea is one of the reasons Hebrew has so many different words for “knowledge”. There are two separate words, one of which means raw knowledge, the other which means the ability to use knowledge. I cannot remember which is which, though. (I think it’s that Da’at is the raw knowledge, Binah is using it).

  9. Jay Arriola says:

    If google is knowledge, then when nanotechnology allows us to carry google in our brain, does that mean we won’t need the school system anymore to learn?

  10. FaxingMars says:

    I couldn’t remember the name of this channel, sonai googled “youtube interesting chanel guy answers complicated questions jurrasic park?”; and here I am.

  11. AlphaAxle says:

    No… That’s Newton’s third law of motion

  12. Brandon Carroll says:

    We’ll considering we made the internet and Google it is therefore an expansion of our mind and of our minds have knowledge then so would google.

  13. Basti An says:

    you, sir, have way too less subs !

  14. VloggerNerd says:

    I don’t mean to be a giant squid of anger, but Newton’s third law. That is all. Great video.

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