Is Hillary Ready to Climb Public Relations Mountain?

Is Hillary Ready to Climb Public Relations Mountain?
From “Whitewater” to the various -gates and her husband's famously public brushes with misbehavior, Hillary is going to have her fair share of drama to dismiss when she'd much rather be talking about the issues, because let's be honest…nobody has time …
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Tuesday Buzz: The Divide Between Journalism and Public Relations
Kim Kleman, the editor-in-chief of The American Lawyer, fired the first shots by writing a column titled “Dear PR Professional,” suggesting in the piece that it's “as if some PR folks don't understand that the job of a reporter is different from that …
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Operation: Restore Public Relations
On Nov. 15, 2013, Detroit's fifth police chief in as many years stood outside a public housing complex on East Jefferson Avenue where more than 150 law enforcement officers gathered for a large-scale raid. The address of the complex was called the …
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