Is It Time to “Degrease” Your Email Marketing Strategy?

Is It Time to “Degrease” Your Email Marketing Strategy?
When I'm not sitting at my desk thinking about email marketing, I can often be found on my bike and thinking about email marketing. It's not that I'm obsessive or anything, I just seem to have my best, most creative email marketing ideas when the sun …
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Applying Marketing Tactics to Fraud Detection
Marketing statistics caused a fundamental change in the architecture of online shopping. Instead of checking the card at transaction, the fraud test shifted to the user account, which holds all your sensitive information secured by a password. This …
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How a marketing class impacted local companies
A marketing class at Grand Canyon University can provide more than the knowledge of how to successfully promote a business. You might develop new, lasting bonds. You might get an internship. You even might learn what pickleball is. Those were just …
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