Is SEO Dead or Does it Still Work?

(PRWEB) August 16, 2012

With the recent Google Panda, Penguin and relative page layout updates, the World Wide Web was filtered and sent thousands of low quality websites vanishing into thin air. The complex updating systems introduced by Google likewise sent hundreds of search engine optimisation providers into hiding. Those SEOs who provided their clients with substandard quality web content were the first to go. Superior Marketing was not affected by the changes and updates as the SEO company continues to provide good search engine optimisation and support Googles intent to revolutionise website rankings.

Aaron Clancy affirms, “SEO is not dead – just those companies who offered it who didn’t really know what they are doing. There is still great value in ranking at the top of page one on Google.”The SEO Wellington team has extensive knowledge in internet marketing and shall to continue to provide superior quality service to its growing clientele. The list includes new businesses who intend to maximize their online presence with the best SEO strategies only Superior Marketing can provide.

Search engine optimisation or SEO has long existed since the emergence of search engines. It is all about getting websites up to high page ranking by producing sites with quality web content and good links. Emphasis is given to quality on-page and off-page SEO factors, including great content and social sharing signals. While many SEO providers conduct ethical strategic methodology, some adversely operate the process by using dubious tricks and black hat techniques. Thus, Google saw the need to launch drastic measures to maintain its advocacy of providing quality web content to end users.

The Google Panda update affected over 700,000 poor quality websites and completely changed the web ranking structure. The Subsequent Penguin update targeted spam pages, blogs and websites. Websites (including many keyword friendly domains) with over-optimised page content, having high keyword density and unnatural links. Some Sites were de-indexed from the search engines while others were ranked lower. This game changing Google update highlighted that link development to build authority, quality content, and overall user experience are the key factors to get top rankings.

Aaron points out, “If you are currently using a search engine optimisation provider, make sure you and they are clear about what objectives you are trying to achieve. Theres no point trying to rank number 1 for a keyword no one types into the search engines.” Superior Marketing sees this development as a vantage point to continue doing what it does best giving a superior search engine optimisation service. Adding fresh content and building a healthy link profile by using the best link development practices are essential to get those top rankings for targeted keywords. If you want to be you want to be in the top 3 of Google on page one for your search terms, coupled with a great website for prospects to land on once they click on your name in the search engines, then stick with the leader.

Meet the Superior Marketing Team that delivers high quality SEO results with high page ranking to generate higher sales, profits, and quick ROI. Experience improved brand awareness and maximum exposure that can give your business a competitive edge to attract new customers.

SEO Wellington continually help clients beat their competitors by getting them ranked in search engines for keywords related to their business. By understanding your industry and using tools and techniques to see how your market searches online, the team is able to analyse the keywords that will result in the quickest return on investment for your business.

Aaron Clancy is very passionate about empowering business owners to get them online to make more money for their business.

After setting up a successful property management company in Palmerston North at the end of 2008, he started to implement strategies to get the company ranked in Google for related keywords. Soon the rankings came, and Aaron was asked by other business owners (predominantly in the property management sector) to help their sites rank for related keyword phrases. Within 3 months, the property management company was ranking on page one of Google for targeted keywords, and two staff were working in the business. Aaron then went traveling around the world with his wife Kate, before landing in London and settling down. While in London his passion for internet marketing took hold, and his business started to boom as he tackled difficult markets for his wide range of clients that were coming to him for online marketing consulting, including website design, search engine optimisation and workshop training.

Aaron invests a lot of money into his education so he can continue to bring the latest tools and strategies to his clients to give them a competitive advantage over their competitors.

There are no excuses in the 21st century. We all have access to the required tools and resources, and it will be those businesses that take action with a burning desire to be the best in their industry that will succeed. Be proud of your business, work hard to make it the best and you will defeat your competition Aaron Clancy at a speaking conference London 2011.

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