Is Technology Making Cars Worse? – ROAD TESTAMENT

Cars are getting more complex with every new generation. But are they also becoming worse to drive? Let us know what you think.
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18 Responses to Is Technology Making Cars Worse? – ROAD TESTAMENT

  1. redline3187m3 says:

    Go fuck yourself, you GAY FUCK!!!

  2. badgerbear72 says:

    stop trolling, go somewhere else

  3. badgerbear72 says:

    you sir are not a true car geek and if you already know you aren’t, you are on the wrong channel

  4. Sami Mohammed says:

    Ask Matt Farah

  5. chickenspoopeggs says:

    can you get milk out of those?, lol

  6. Logan1mcintyre7 says:

    The way the car feels to drive and feeling like your a part of the car is just as important as performance. I want to feel like I’m driving not a computer.

  7. bkvintagecorp says:

    that HD adds weight lol

  8. redline3187m3 says:

    God this show is so GAAY!!!!

  9. dsourn says:

    i will never want to own a car smarter then me. i like my manual gear box with lsd. i like the idea of buying my own suspension and adjusting it the way i want. automatics are getting smarter but no way it will be more fun then a manual gear box.

  10. pulseburst says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, James May on steroids and heroin

  11. SuperMrTavi says:

    You know who else has man boobs? Matt Farah.

  12. EnigmaNZ1 says:

    Mike and his boobs, lol, wtf. I know what they mean. Eg, enter an older car, turn a knob or turn a wheel and the temp is set, today you go into a menu and select AC then alter this and that and finally you get there. Imagine durring all that while trying to drive the thing. Look at the dash of a new RR and compare it with that of the Maybach.

  13. n3rdbear says:

    That thing is so primitive. Driving a car with that is like writing on paper with charred rocks, just like the tool that cavemen used thousands of years ago.

  14. superleggera220 says:

    LONG LIVE THE MANUAL GEAR BOX!!! Are you listening automakers???

  15. FunLovingAssassino says:

    I believe to some extent, technology is making cars ‘worse’ however there are also massive benefits! Cars now are so much safer!

  16. flikkerlicht says:

    I don’t get the fact that he asks if technology will spoil the fun of driving, he drives a 599 which is loaded with technology…

  17. kelly jones says:

    manuals are what make a car im upset because the new cars look so nice but the auto gearbox just ruins it ill stick to the classics

  18. d2nim2l says:

    I’m outside of the room and I care. 

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