Is Technology Making Cars Worse? – ROAD TESTAMENT

Cars are getting more complex with every new generation. But are they also becoming worse to drive? Let us know what you think.
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18 thoughts on “Is Technology Making Cars Worse? – ROAD TESTAMENT

  1. The way the car feels to drive and feeling like your a part of the car is just as important as performance. I want to feel like I’m driving not a computer.

  2. i will never want to own a car smarter then me. i like my manual gear box with lsd. i like the idea of buying my own suspension and adjusting it the way i want. automatics are getting smarter but no way it will be more fun then a manual gear box.

  3. Mike and his boobs, lol, wtf. I know what they mean. Eg, enter an older car, turn a knob or turn a wheel and the temp is set, today you go into a menu and select AC then alter this and that and finally you get there. Imagine durring all that while trying to drive the thing. Look at the dash of a new RR and compare it with that of the Maybach.

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