Is There a Future in Content Marketing?

Is There a Future in Content Marketing?
Louis Gudema, president, revenue + associates believes that computers can have a role in content marketing when the subject matter is data-driven. For instance, a robo-writer could write a blog post about the latest economic data from the US Bureau of …
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How to set up governance processes in content marketing
Speaking at Marketing's Content 360 conference, Nadeem Amin, regional digital marketing manager, Kellogg's Australia highlighted the importance of social media governance. “There are different kinds of issues, as many as there are individuals, and each …
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IZEA: The Art of 'Content Marketing'
Known by various names "social sponsorships," "content marketing," "sponsored content" is a way the ordinary content provider can monetize their content be it blogs, video, pictures or tweets. The jargon is fluid, and it may also be called "marketing …
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