Is WordPress or Blogger better for SEO?

I’ve used Blogger for 3 years, but now everyone tells me that WordPress is superior for SEO. After scouring many sites, I’ve been unable to find the SEO adva…

22 thoughts on “Is WordPress or Blogger better for SEO?

  1. No ambitious blogger should use The main reason I believe it is inferior to WordPress for SEO is because other webmasters don’t take them as seriously. I’m not interested in linking to and from Blogger blogs, and I know that many other bloggers feel the same. Also Google control your blog and they can if they wish remove you or start charging you in the future.

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  3. I think this is good enough answer… It’s pretty obvious that Matt could not say WordPress is absolutely better or Blogger is absolutely better, because it will fall into prejudice and else. So I think he had made clever answer that “both are good in term of SEO” and next is only you that should get yourself focus in term of contents and links, that’s it, that your job to care about — clear enough.

  4. 550+ videos, many, many questions taken, and he has yet to reply to any of them with a decent answer. Here’s a question- Who is the biggest waste of time for asking a question to on the web? Please make a video about that….

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  6. WordPress is not only a good platform for a Blog, also you can create virtually, any online business model. WordPress solved by default the 50% (or more) of the problems most common of SEO. I work in SEO, a long time ago. And yes, I love WordPress LOL! @DigitalAnalyst_

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  8. hmmm… Matt Cutts answer could be WordPress straight forward if he could not be a Google Person 🙂 Follow all SEO updates at BloggerEmpire Com

  9. Yes it is true that wordpress is much superior SEO, in todays world you ll see almost 75% of the webmaster are using a wordpress as their blogging or site making tools, if you are using Blogger switch to the wordpress right today, it is no har task.. to learn about wordpress tips visit hope this will help you all the best

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