Is Your Website Hurting Your Business?

Is Your Website Hurting Your Business?
Event on 2014-10-28 09:00:00

Is Your Website Hurting Your Business?


Just because you HAVE a website doesn’t mean it’s working for you. In fact, in some instances, it could be working against you or actually HURTING your business! If it doesn’t clearly explain what your business offers or say the right things about your company, services or products, you might be better off just turning it off.

Website expert, Brad Murray, can help you adjust the text on your website to get the right visitors to visit your site so they can become customers. In this hands-on, interactive work session, you will…

  • Create a plan to write the text that works for you on your website
  • Develop a list of 10 prioritized SEO keywords to write into your site
  • Identify your exact target for the content and message on your website

Brad Murray is creative director of 4tunate Design. His multiple years of experience will help guide through maze of website design and SEO. 

at The Meeting Room at PZ
1016 E. Main Street
Brownsburg, United States

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