Isolate Yourself | TopRank | Second & Sebring Dubstep

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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8 Responses to Isolate Yourself | TopRank | Second & Sebring Dubstep

  1. ConnectTheDots says:

    That is a sick song! 

  2. Margaret Mcaree says:


  3. Sea Ofxn says:

    nice moves good to see some new dancers

  4. archangel035 says:

    Not bad at all. Keep it up.

  5. Unverified Enigma says:

    omg!! I was look for this dubstep song. This is my favorite screamo song!!

  6. xFurbyx says:

    Good moves bad music

  7. Zac Vein says:

    You gotta work on waving which is very important and gliding if you are going to be dancing to dubstep trust me work on those and you’ll be amazing! Try doing some tutting as well but you are good you got potential man and that’s awesome keep it up!!!

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