Israel Regulators Review Google Deal

Israel Regulators Review Google Deal
Israel's antitrust authority has opened a review of Google Inc.'s nearly $ 1 billion acquisition of Israeli navigation app Waze. An authority official said Wednesday that the companies did not inform it of their merger plans, and it is now investigating …
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Can Users Trust Google's Knowledge Graph Results?
Most of the time, Google's Knowledge Graph is pretty good at what it does. It uses structured data to conveniently get searchers to the results for what they were actually referring to when they entered their query. This is particularly helpful in …
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Can Google Defeat Aging?
For most people, nothing seems as inevitable as the aging process. We are born, we grow old, and we die. It's a fact of existence. But also consider that aging is an evolved process. The human evolved aging average seems to be around 80, which is …
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