דבש DOG ATTACKS AN IWGSDC DOG ATTACKS OVER CAR ALL SO PREFORM AN OBJECT PROTECTION AND REMOTE ATTACK BY COMMAND k9 police military dog and swat scenario דבש דבש דבש דבש TRAIN BY AMNON BEN IZHAK from DOG.CO. IL an iwgsdc belgian malinois ( shepherd) female working dog from the IWGSDC in the training for WD mark , preforming protection. name of the dog DVASH QMAILONOIS FROM ISRAEL http
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14 Responses to ISRAELI DOG ATTACKS UNBELIEVABLE – police K9 and military dog MALINOIS DVASH – דבש

  1. PartyAnimal711 says:

    i wanna train my long coat german shepherd puppy to do that on command by the word, “donut”…see the enemy would never see it coming…if u said attack or sickem or get em of kill em they would have a head start to run but if u say donut it would seem a ittle something like this.. “DONUT!”..”WTH??………………AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!’ :)

  2. yabbamita says:

    Whats the name of the song cause i search it up and come up with other shit

  3. easy2120 says:

    SEAL Team Six reportedly took one of these bad ass dogs with them to take out Bin Laden.

  4. leevinson says:

    their dogs are just like their soldiers, without fear and brave . thank you IDF!

  5. bigbucks7777 says:

    at the end it is ya

  6. arvydas0069 says:

    Nice video. These dogs are great for anti terrorism….they smell a dirty Islamic extremist very well!

  7. 31lucian says:

    There are dogs. Then there are Special Forces dogs. Can you rise to the challenge?

  8. GoodOldBoy74 says:

    220 Palestinians watched this video

  9. memphis148 says:

    What if he decided to go for the face?

  10. Oscar5104 says:


  11. Colt2571 says:

    dogs are fuckin awesome

  12. rotsebanotman says:

    ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM JEWISH!

  13. lobi456 says:

    very touching….

  14. xdirt3 says:

    what do you think of a malinois X Amstaff or pitbull ?

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