iSwitched to Android Blog 30 Day Challenge Linus Tech Tips

As a longtime iOS user, I will be doing a series of videos documenting my 30 day attempt to switch Android. I will not be allowing myself to use my iPhone 4 …
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12 thoughts on “iSwitched to Android Blog 30 Day Challenge Linus Tech Tips

  1. i dont give a crap what phone i use, i have a 20 year old phone and it calls just as fine as an iphone and for gaming, save that for pc!!!!

  2. | androidunlockers . altervista . org | got my phone unlocked for free. Glad I didn’t have to pay money for it. I am not one of those spammers I’m just giving actual advice to everyone. Don’t pay, get it for free!

  3. Hi Linus, anymore updates on this phone? I was thinking of purchasing this phone. However, i saw some reviews(in Singapore, where i live) that there were lots of cons such as gaps, bad battery life and etc.

  4. Do you have to be connected on the same connection on your phone and pc when using emit? Or can I, say, leave my pc and the server app on, go to another wifi hotspot at a different location and stream on my phone from there?

  5. Explain? You know, does it really mean anything that it can “sync” with windows 8 and all that shit? I mean, it seems like it has a lot of potential being made by Microsoft. I wanted a Lumia 920 for so long on Verizon but got to impatient and got a Note 2, “problem” is it’s so fucking better that I can’t get myself to want a Lumia 920 now.

  6. buy the cheap android phones,android tablets,or accessories,ipad/iphone accessories,go to imycases(dot)com or google search “imycasescom”, under 70$ you can get the high performance machine.

  7. Ahh…I see…Well I have 3 batteries for my LG Spectrum 2 so that’s one of the luxuries a non-iphone affords. I wait until the phone shuts itself off, pop out the battery. pop a fresh one in. 2 minutes later I’m at 100% battery. Also, dropping the battery/phone decreases its lifespan as does…well…using it, but most people who condition their phone/battery don’t keep a phone long enough to notice the nominal difference in a 100% charge of a new batt. vs. %100 charge of a 2 year-old battery.

  8. yeah once I stopped doing that.. but I cant let it drain everytime its just not convinent when I need its dying at times when I need it not to be on charge

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