iSwitched to Android Blog Day 7 of my 30 Day Challenge Linus Tech Tips

As a longtime iOS user, I will be doing a series of videos documenting my 30 day attempt to switch Android. I will not be allowing myself to use my iPhone 4 …
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24 thoughts on “iSwitched to Android Blog Day 7 of my 30 Day Challenge Linus Tech Tips

  1. You can operate the Galaxy Note 2 single handed. I do and if you have small hands you just turn on the single hand keyboard which I don’t need to use. Please WAKE UP!! The iPhone is dead and buried they lost the plot a long time ago. Small Penis Syndrome?

  2. It is not the perfect size for a phone. You may enjoy it and perhaps you have large enough hands to warrant its size, but it absolutely is not suitable for the average person. The iPhone screen designed so as to allow users to use the phone with a single hand. You can reach from one side of the screen to the other effortlessly, allowing the device to simply get out of your way and do what you want it to. The Galaxy Note 2 doesn’t. It requires both hands, making it bulky and clumsy.

  3. The Note 2 is the perfect size and everyone I who has seen me using it agrees with me and buys a Note 2. Once you get used the new size you will not go back to anything smaller unless it is just for phone calls only.

  4. The HTC One is a better phone. It is faster, lighter, thinner, leaner, sexier – better. Not to mention you can place a phone call on it without looking like you’re holding a foot-long block of plastic to your ear. (No offense to GSN2 owners. If you like your device, I’m sure you have your reasons.)

  5. wtf is wrong with u? note 2 have bigger screen and only 720 x 1280 resolution… i dont know about u but i dont like to watch fucking pixels! i would suggest S4!

  6. Dude it’s been 2 weeks since your last review so when can we expect another 1? Aaron from Phonedog gives 1 everyday during a 30 day challenge. I thought you were better than Aaron! hahahaha

  7. There are itunes apps for android. And I highly doubt that there are any iOS exclusive apps that do not have either a identical android version or at the very least a android app that does the same job. Keep in mind that android is the number one mobile OS. So naturally this is the platform that app developers prefer, since it is where the future as well as the now, is. Do yourself a favour and switch before you get even more invested in a dying platform.

  8. I saw a bunch of memes in a meme database with Comic Sans format, couldn’t read any of them. When I see Comic Sans in other media, nope, can’t read it. That font just reduces readability for me. In other words, I agree; don’t use Comic Sans.

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