It Gets Better: Google Employees

A video contribution for the It Gets Better Project from Google Employees. Resources:

12 thoughts on “It Gets Better: Google Employees

  1. Hey guys, it gets better with the Lord Jesus Christ! It’s not a coincidence that people living the gay life style won’t read the King James Bible, because God’s book condemns sin (all of it). Christ died so that our sins could be forgiven and that through him we could have everlasting life in heaven (and not hell, which is the alternative). Repent and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your saviour. We are all sinners, and denying that fact and the Lord Jesus Christ will only lead you to hell.

  2. Im Transgendered and it wasnt easy coming out-i got bullied, teased,even pushed dwn the stairs-jst because im GAY…there wer sevral times i tried to kill myself..but lucky me-i have GREAT friends who supportd me and wer always ther for those who think they dnt have anyone-you do-YOU have the whole LGBT supporting and caring for wat they said in the video-it does get better <3

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