IT (Information Technology) Career Path Guideline

Based on my experience in IT, I’d like to give a guideline on which career paths you may choose. I made this presentation as the part of my IT series cause I’ve had many chances to see people who wanna know which jobs in IT are suitable for them. I hope my guideline can give some help for IT colleques in other countries as well as in Korea. Best Regds, CHOLHO, JONG

17 thoughts on “IT (Information Technology) Career Path Guideline

  1. Thanks. The explanation you gave on your presentation was very helpful. I need to gather as much information as possible to see what field it’s most atractive to me I am a field service technician and are very open and are not afraid to change my career. Thanks again.

  2. I know…one time, i intended to go get a coffee in the morning before school (which i find helps me a lot, i have a lot more energy to get through the day), but instead just went to school…with my coffee cup empty. I know this may not be for no discernible reason, but i took my coffee cup out of there to take a sip, then realized it was empty and said to myself, “If I didn’t fill my coffee cup, why is it here?” So it seemed non-discernible at the time.

  3. I once walked out the house and went to work with the t.v. remote in my pocket. I’m saying. We’re always juggling so much crap, sometimes we end up walking around with an object for no discernible reason.

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  5. Does anyone know if there is any organizations for IT majors? I know architecture for example has one that is called AIA (American Institutes of architecture). 

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