Ithaki, the most powerful and innovative metasearch engine

(PRWEB) January 5, 2001

Press release, Internet/High Tech/Wireless/Finance

We are very proud to present Ithaki, the most powerful and innovative metasearch engine of the internet.

Ithaki is the only metasearch engine available in 10 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, NOrwegian, Russian and German) and armed with more than 30 unique categories to search including the web, news, images, newsgroups, sotfware, spiders, books and much more.

Ithaki’ premise is innovation and create things that you have never seen (or used) before.

The design of Ithaki is simple, we don’t overwhelm the user with our power. Our advanced search presents an exclusive metasearch directory, (our engine searches more than 250 selected tools worldwide), users can search in two main methods “all the words” or “as a phrase”, boolean search is available. We are proud of the carefull and studied selection of the search engines and the high response of Ithaki.

Ithaki has an exclusive Multimedia metasearch where you can’t stop to get fun searching for MP3s, Images and photos and MIDIs.

Ithaki is also the first Linux metacrawler, users and fans of Linux can get the most of their systems metasearching the linux web, usenet, security and more.

Last but not least, in October Ithaki launched a brand new WAP version!

Typying from you phone and you will be able to metasearch wap sites, news headlines, music & the web. As usual the wireless version is available in 6 languages and has special versions and features.

An I-mode site for Japanese users were also launched in October, becoming the first imode metasearc engine of the internet.

If you have any comment of just you want to know more about ithaki, just send us an email


Carla Tironi Farinati, CEO

You can read more about the cool features of Ithaki here.

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