ITM Financial’s 60% ROI In The Forex Market Goes Viral On Twitter With Over 4,100,000 Impressions and Almost 90,000 Clicks.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) December 13, 2012

New forex signal provider, ITM Financial, had their tweets about their investment return results go viral on Twitter during October and November. Tweets pertaining to ITM Financial received over 4,100,000 impressions on Twitter timelines. This included over 88,110 clicks from Twitter to ITM Financial pages, and 584 re-tweets from Twitter users. “When you have great results that are verified by a 3rd party, things tend to get around on the social media circuit.” says CEO, Curt Dalton. “We know the power that social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ can have on driving traffic to a site and branding a product in the online world.” added Curt.

Since monitoring their Twitter interactions and funnels since September, ITM Financial has seen a surge in re-tweets and replies to its Twitter updates. A re-tweet is when a Twitter uses sees a Tweet they like and decide to pass it along to their friends, and “re-tweets” the tweet to his or her followers. A reply is when a Twitter user is engaged and decides to respond to the publisher of a Tweet by hitting “reply” and adding a comment to the Twitter conversation about that Tweet or subject.

“There is tremendous value in social media traffic. The costs are much lower than regular advertising traffic and you can join the conversation on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.” added Curt. “You can’t approach social media traffic like you would regular advertising traffic like banners and pay per click (ppc) traffic. It is a completely different mindset. Regular advertising traffic is like walking into a store and buying something based on traditional metrics. Social media advertising is like being a cocktail party and joining different conversations. You just can’t run up to someone and say ‘buy this, buy this’ at a cocktail party.” says Curt.

ITM Financial’s engagement rate for Twitter users hit a high of about 2.44% with a tweet to download a set of free forex indicators that are used in currency trading. The peak engagement was actually a tweet about a New York banker who “freaked” out over 68% ROI on his investment in 8 weeks, and asked God for help. That tweet had an engagement rate of just under 3%. A Twitter engagement rate is based on over the course of 100 appearances of the tweet, how many people either “reply”, “retweet”, or “favorite” a tweet.

“That was a funny phone call we had after meeting with hedge funds in London” says CTO, Ali Khan. “We got a call from New York and the gentlemen wanted to speak with God, as he put it, so we just ran with it. We had no idea so many people would retweet it and make it viral.” added Khan.

ITM Financial is a forex signal provider based out of Boston, Massachusetts. It uses an advanced trends analytics software combined with traditional investment analysis to find profitable forex trading ideas for its members. The software can be used for forex day trading or forex position trading.

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