It's a 'Robot Revolution' in South Orange!

It's a 'Robot Revolution' in South Orange!
He explains that teaching robotics also has a social aspect that was missing in his engineering career — a job that he found somewhat isolating. As Robot Revolution grows, the founders would also like to expand its menu of services. "Our intent is to …

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When you press start (with X as the menu icon and he shoots a green laser beam and it is SO COOL), there are no robot masters to select from, however. Intriguing… Yes, this isn't the Mega Man you remember from the NES days. Mega Man X and its sequels …
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Restaurant in Harbin Harbors Robots
Speaking of faces, theirs display more than 10 expressions, and they can speak basic welcoming lines to diners. The restaurant offers a menu with more than 30 dishes, and the average cost per diner is 44 RMB. All robots in Harbin are required by …
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