It’s Not Paranoia If…

It’s Not Paranoia If…

Image by Jackson West
So here’s the story. I’m watching the Anthony Bourdain "Holiday Special" No Reservations from the Travel Channel via a copy posted to

And a little over half way through, I start seeing these single-frame ads for erectile dysfunction drug Cialis interspersed with Tony cutting up a turkey.

So excuse the Snapz Pro Trial watermark, but it was the only way I could capture the video still through VLC player (and no, I don’t have the or whatever to register the software — I’m ‘stealing’ infotainment from the goddamn Travel Channel fer chrissake).

Anyway, yeah, either "cabra" when capturing the video from cable/satellite managed to catch some stray subliminal Cialis advertising, or someone has found a way to sell advertising space on torrents.

What makes me laugh is the irony that an impotence pill is being subliminally interspersed with footage of a turkey being dismembered by Tony Bourdain.

Frankly, it kind of works.

2 thoughts on “It’s Not Paranoia If…

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