It’s Time to Facebook the Music

Ellen’s been on her audience Facebook pages and she found some photos you won’t believe they posted! It’s time for an Ellen Facebook intervention.
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18 Responses to It’s Time to Facebook the Music

  1. 2ndyearexamperiod says:

    huh. the two girls stood up.

  2. Sherri Moore says:

    “you either want abs or folded clothes.” xD

  3. 4evamarcella says:

    she said “i like my boyfriend being bottemless he is my boyfriend why not? “

  4. Elise Stehouwer says:

    Ellen is the best

  5. Saintcupcake1 says:

    On nearly every Ellen video people say “Uh oh I clicked another Ellen video” Ya ok you clicked one.We know they are damn addictive but EVERYONE is saying it!!!

  6. hannahbob99 says:


  7. TitteringSloth says:

    I like my my male friends being bottomless. Why isn’t he my boyfriend yet?

  8. Damien hancock says:

    You can hack most facebook users using an amazing software

  9. rudolphyoshi2 says:


  10. ciaomarina says:

    It can communicate, where are you from? Tell us about yourself

  11. TheBigEyedKitty says:

    After much concentration, I have managed to decode it into the following: I like my boy friend (or it’s best friend, either one) bottomless. He is my boy friend (or it could be best friend). Why not? This is probably not an exact translation.

  12. Gamergirl120701 says:


  13. caitlyn ferrell says:


  14. caitlyn ferrell says:

    Randee1515 is correct

  15. Francis Twum says:

    I was instroduced to w w w . FaceSoftware . c o m which helps you do a lot on facebook easy

  16. Azhar Taib says:


  17. Vanessa Whitten says:

    not sober cuz this is wat you posted lmao

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