Iwama-style Aikido

Iwama-style Aikido
Event on 2017-07-29 19:00:00
Aikido is a non-competitive Japanese Martial Art that emphasizes blending with your opponent in a non-aggressive way. Classes available: Mon & Wed 7-8:30 PM, Tue & Thu 7-9 PM, and Sat 9-10:30 AM. For more information, contact aikidoofarlington@yahoo.com or check out our web site aikidoofarlington.com. Visitors are free to observe any time we have class. Great way to stay active and to keep physically fit while learning self-defense! A wonderful sports alternative that teaches balance, centering, and relaxed movement. See aikidoofarlington.com/joining for answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. Our dojo is inside the Clarendon Presbyterian Church, an easy walking distance from the Clarendon metro station. See aikidoofarlington.com/location for details.

at Aikido of Arlington
1305 N Jackson St
Arlington, United States

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