[J310/127] Energy efficiency A to Z

[J310/127] Energy efficiency A to Z
Event on 2013-06-12 10:00:00

 From air compressors to zone valves, via motors and drives, motivation, monitoring, and maintenance, energy management is specialised and multi-faceted activity. Expressly designed for the part-time practitioner with no specialist energy background, this course provides a rounded introduction to the technical, analytical and human-factors aspects of the job.

You will discover some of the key opportunities to be found in:

  • Building fabric;
  • Heating and ventilation plant;
  • Combustion equipment;
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration;
  • Lighting and lighting control;
  • Hot water services;
  • Catering;
  • Compressed air;
  • Steam and condensate systems;
  • Process thermal insulation; and
  • Motor-driven equipment; 

As well as these common technical aspects, the course addresses generic subjects such as voltage reduction, building energy management systems and combined heat and power. It also introduces important "soft" aspects which are taught in greater depth on other courses: motivation, awareness and training, and key analysis and reporting concepts.

Like it or not, energy management is a technical subject. So for the benefit of those whose science is a bit rusty, a few minutes are devoted to reminders of essential basic school physics.

Course tutor Vilnis Vesma is a chartered engineer and former local-government energy manager. He is the author of BSI's textbook Energy management principles and practice and secretary of the UK Association of Energy Engineers.

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Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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