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25 Responses to JA RUE feat.FAT JOE,JADAKISS – New york

  1. Erman YILDIRIM says:

    i don’t like ja why amk ??? cuz you know he’s fake ass nigga but this song very good…

  2. flippp says:

    this song is dope…but it pretty much killed the careers of ja rule, fat joe and jadakiss…because this song made 50 cent drop piggy bank….ha!

  3. jencarollaoii says:

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  4. The5admeets3vil says:

    Cali goes hard… New York goes harder

  5. emonsterman says:

    This song was the ish back in the day

  6. burnzyrb1 says:

    ldn all day

  7. alema84 says:

    Respect !!! from italy

  8. SunsetSideVet says:


  9. LOPS666Orange says:

    Papoose? Pap is ass I beat like this would eat up his style….Nas and Joell Ortiz now that would be nice.

  10. TheMatias132 says:

    Fat Joe’s lyric is really bad, my lil sister cut right it!!

  11. AllstarKing713 says:

    now everybody is dressed like emo’s, skinny jeans, red, orange hair and small asss shirts..but offcoarse you got the few project niggaz that still keep it baggy and OG

  12. quest2k says:

    Best Ja rule song…. ever.

  13. 100yunggreat says:

    rochester ny we get it in . UPSTATE NY.

  14. Josho4096 says:

    Song kills, Fat J. and J.K. have best lyrics. Proud to be from New York.

  15. meinblock says:

    This is the real NY Anthem ! Respect it check it !

  16. Ray Hoerner says:

    ja rule kills the first hook… dope

  17. SargonDaGangsta X says:

    created a playlist mixed old,new skool up please subbscribe/support me thanks!!!

  18. TheDanielG13 says:

    lifes a bitch depending on how u treat her u might get rich!

  19. BigRaffa17 says:

    Jadakiss murders everybody on this track

  20. No1EvrRelyDies says:

    JADAKISS goes off.. NY

  21. Aleksandar Savic says:

    Fat Joe’s the best here

  22. MegaPapaJay says:

    Fat Joe a bosss

  23. HyPrxKeyzZz says:

    this song and stevie park “Pending Message” are tooo dope

  24. TheCycmsn says:

    Naprawdę dobry numer. JADAKISS wokal rozpoznam na końcu świata. rap gra

  25. Taxidermistification says:

    fat joe goes hard.

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